Technical Brochures

Conseil international des Grands Réseaux Électriques

Published Technical Brochures of SC 15 & SC D1

June, 2016



 No.TitleWorking BodyPublished
 662Guidelines for partial discharge detection using conventional (IEC 60270) and unconventional methodsWG D1.372016-08
 661Functional nanomaterials for electric powerWG D1.402016-08
 654UHF partial discharge detection system for GIS: Application guide for sensitivity verificationWG D1.252016-04
 646HVDC Transformer insulation: oil conductivityJWG A2/D1.412016-01
 644Common Characteristics and Emerging Test Techniques for High Temperature Superconducting Power EquipmentWG D1.382015-12
 636Diagnostics and accelerated life endurance testing of polymeric materials for HVDC applicationWG D1.232015-11
 634Impact of rain on insulator performanceWG D1.452015-10
 627Condition assessment for fluid-filled insulation in AC cablesWG D1.342015-07
 620Radiation ageing of polymeric insulating materials and relevant testingWG D1.422015-06
 611Feasibility study for a DC Tracking & Erosion testWG D1.272015-03
 595Fingerprinting of polymeric insulating materials for outdoor useWG D1.272014-10
 593Past, present and future of IEC and IEEE high-voltage and high current testing standardsWG D1.352014-08
 571Optimized gas-insulated systems by advanced insulation techniquesWG D1.282014-04
 526Oxidation stability of insulating fluidsWG D1.302013-02
 525Risk assessment on defects in GIS based on PD diagnosticsWG D1.032013-02
 520Material properties of solid HVDC insulation systemsWG D1.122012-12
 519Very Fast Transient Overvoltages (VFTO) in gas-insulated substationsWG D1.032012-12
 506Gas insulated systems for HVDC: DC stress at DC and AC systemsWG D1.032012-08
 502High-voltage on-site testing with partial discharge measurementWG D1.332012-06
 501Basic principles to determine methane content in cross-linked in solid extruded insulation of MV and HV cablesWG D1.262012-06
 494Furanic compounds for diagnosisWG D1.032012-03
 493Non-destructive water-tree detection in XLPE cable insulationJWG D1/B1.202012-03
 489Requirements on testing flammability of polymeric materials for outdoor insulationWG D1.142012-02
 488Resistance to weathering and UV radiation of polymeric materials for outdoor insulationWG D1.142012-02
 478Important material properties of RTV silicone rubber insulator coatingsWG D1.142011-10
 451Polymer nanocomposites: fundamentals and possible applications to power sectorsWG D1.242011-02
 444Guidelines for unconventional partial discharge measurementsWG D1.332010-10
 443DGA in non-mineral oils and load tap changers and improved DGA diagnosis criteriaWG D1.322010-10
 442Evaluation of dynamic hydrophobicity properties of polymeric materials for non-ceramic outdoor insulation: retention and transfer of hydrophobicityWG D1.142010-10
 420Generic guidelines for life time condition assessment of HV assets and related knowledge rulesWG D1.172010-06
 418Status of development and field test experience with high-temperature superconducting power equipmentWG D1.152010-06
 414Dielectric response diagnoses for transformer windingsWG D1.012010-04
 413Insulating oil regeneration and dehalogenationWG D1.012010-04
 409Report on gas monitors for oil-filled electrical equipmentWG D1.012010-02
 366Guide for partial discharge measurements in compliance to IEC 60270WG D1.332008-12
 323Ageing of cellulose in mineral-oil insulatedTF D1.01.102007-10
 297Practical aspects of the detection and location of partial discharges in power cablesTF D1.02.052006-06
 292Data mining techniques and applications in the power transmission fieldTF D1.11.042006-04
 288Space charge measurement in dielectrics and insulating materialsTF D1.12.12006-02
 286Instrumentation and measurements for in-service monitoring of high voltage insulationTF D1.02.082005-12
 260N2/SF6 mixtures for gas insulated systemsTF D1.03.102004-10
 255Material properties for non-ceramic outdoor insulationWG D1.142004-08
 254Dielectric response methods for diagnostics of power transformersTF D1.01.092002
 228Service aged insulation guidelines on managing the ageing processWG D1.112003-06
 226Knowledge rules for partial discharge diagnosis in serviceWG D1.112003-04
 225Electrical power systems 2020JAG D1.02/TC2002-08
 224Emerging technologies and material challengesJAG D1.02/TC2002-08

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