Tutorials & Workshops

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List of Tutorials

SC D1 established a set of tutorials and workshops covering specific topics in its field of activity. Presently the following tutorials are available:

D1-T001Liquid and liquid impregnated insulation (AG D1.03)
D1-T002Oxidation Stability of Insulating Fluids (WG D1.30)
D1-T003Dielectric Response Diagnoses for Transformer Windings (WG D1.01 TF 14)
D1-T004Furanic Compounds for Diagnosis (WG D1.01 TF 13)
D1-T005Choice and Use of On-Line Gas Monitors (WG D1.01 TF 15)
D1-T006DGA in Non-Mineral Oils and Load Tap Changers and Improved DGA Diagnosis Criteria (WG D1.32 and JWG D1/A2.47)
D1-T007High-Voltage On-Site Testing with Partial Discharge Measurement (WG D1.33)
D1-T008Past, present and future of IEC and IEEE high-voltage and high current testing standards (WG D1.35)
D1-T009Materials, Technologies, Testing and Diagnosis for Polymeric Overhead Lines Insulators (WG D1.27)
D1-T010Diagnostics & Monitoring of Gas-insulated Systems – Present & Future (AG D1.02)
D1-T011HVDC Transformer Polarity reversal: Role of oil conductivity (JWG A2/D1.41)
D1-T012Application guide for PD detection in GIS using UHF or acoustic methods (WG D1.25)
D1-T013Common Characteristics and Emerging Test Techniques for High Temperature Superconducting Power Equipment (WG D1.38)
D1-T014Insulation degradation under fast, repetitive voltage pulses (WG D1.43)
D1-T015Guidelines for partial discharge detection using conventional (IEC 60270) and unconventional methods (WG D1.37)
D1-T016Partial Discharges in Transformers (WG D1.29)