General Session (Paris 2016)


The next D1 Main Session will be in Paris 2016




SC D1 Colloquium

Trends in Technology, Materials, Testing and

Diagnostics Applied to Electric Power Systems

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – September 13-18, 2015

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CIGRE SC A2 & D1 Joint Colloquium 2011 in Kyoto

Sept. 11-16, 2011, Kyoto
 will bring together key players in the electric power systems sector: business leaders, system operators, manufacturers, engineers, scientists, policy makers, regulators and academics. The conference, expected to draw approximately 250 people from major organizations, is a unique forum to share exciting new research and breakthroughs, raise some issues or questions, discuss future directions, and network and exchange with leading professionals from all the world.

Technology and Innovation applied to:
  • HVDC and Power Electronics (B4)
  • System Operation and Control (C2)
  • Distribution Systems and Dispersed Generation (C6)
  • Materials and Emerging Test Techniques (D1)
  • Sustainability of Assets
  • Emerging Power Sources
  • Transmission and Distribution Power System Modeling, Simulation and Design
  • Smart Building and Smart Asset Management
Scope of contributions may be:

Grid models and devices, network control, automation, robotic systems, protection, network components, sensors, software tools, power quality, operation, maintenance, safety, energy and the environment, sustainable development, energy storage systems, utilities roadmap, field experiences, cost-benefit evaluations.

  • CONTRIBUTED PAPERS falling within the conference theme are invited. Authors should submit a 1000-word abstract. Upon abstract acceptance, a 6-8 pages paper in CIGRÉ format must be submitted for the final contributions.
  • VIDEOS of 1.5 to 3 minutes illustrating results and innovative applications will be showcased. A 500-word synopsis describing the proposed video should be submitted through the online system at Upon synopsis acceptance, the author must submit the video and a 3 pages paper in CIGRÉ format for the final contributions.
  • INVITED SESSIONS consist of a group of papers presenting a unifying theme. Prospective organizers should submit a 300-word proposal describing the relevance of the session, along with the titles of the papers to be included. All the invited session papers should be submitted like the regular contributed papers (initially with a 1000-word abstract).


Brisbane 2013 Colloquium

International Study Committee Meeting and Colloquium 2013

Study Committee B3 (Substations) and Study Committee D1 (Materials and Emerging Test Techniques)

Hosted by Cigre Australia

Brisbane, Australia

–September 8-13, 2013

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